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June 13, 2012  By Dave Dyer The Eagle Tribune
What A Spring!

Salem's Rastello did it all on and off the field


Brianna Rastello

(reprint of Eagle-Tribune newspaper article from June 13, 2012)

SALEM, NH — If you're looking for a specific answer, don't bother asking Salem junior Brianna Rastello to choose what was her most rewarding accomplishment in what has been a quite remarkable spring.

Understandably, it's not going to happen. You might know Rastello as perhaps the biggest surprise on the Salem softball team, how she went from a JV afterthought last year to a valuable member of the varsity this year, sealing an air-tight infield after switching to second base from the outfield and hitting over .400

But there's been more going on in Rastello's life. A lot more.

First, she finished first in the New Hampshire State Science Fair for the second straight year, this time for a project that studied the impact of soda on teeth deterioration, and then more recently she had a children's book she authored with two friends in third grade released by AnEx Publications in paperback and as a Kindle Fire eBook which is available on

The book, "The Adventures of Sam Spike: The Case of the Missing Man," got rave reviews when featured nationally, along with Rastello, on Yahoo.News earlier in the month.

"It's all been amazing and I couldn't pick one thing," said Rastello. "I'm amazed that people seem to care so much about the book and read it, the science fair was amazing and being a part of a team with such great chemistry was awesome." After going undefeated in the regular season, it was tough to lose in the State Championship game. Hopefully, we’ll get another shot at it next year.

Of all her accomplishments, her progression on the softball field may have been her most impressive, however. She even surprised herself. "Honestly, my goal was just to get an opportunity to play on the team," she said. "Hitting had always been my downfall and I knew I had to work on it, so I went to the cages a lot, became more comfortable and built up my confidence.

"But I was definitely surprised by how well I did." Veteran coach Harold Sachs was certainly not expecting Rastello's meteoric rise.

"Bri has been a real pleasant surprise for us," said Sachs. "Her bat, and base running was at an all-star level. She works hard on her skills every day in practice, and it shows in her development as a player.

"Bri also had an impact on our team dynamics. She relates well to everyone, and has a unique personality. She is clearly academically gifted ... a very well rounded young lady."

Indeed, Rastello is a three-sport athlete; she tends goal as a co-captain on the field hockey squad; plays guard on the Blue Devil’s basketball unit and is ranked 25th out of 360 in her class academically. And she laments that she wishes she had more time to devote to her studies!

She also spent a semester this spring as an intern at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, an experience she hopes leads to a career.

"I'm looking to get into physical therapy in college," said Rastello. "I love working with people and I think that playing sports fueled my interest."

Girl of accomplishments

  Within the last few months, Salem, NH High School junior Brianna Rastello:
Finished First at the NH State Science Fair (Bri also won First Place last year!)
Became a starter and key player for the 22-1 Salem High softball team
Had her book "The Adventures of Sam Spike: The Case of the Missing Man" released by
   AnEx Publications in paperback and as a Kindle Fire eBook, available on
Completed an internship in physical therapy at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, NH.

What they're saying . . .

Following are some of the comments in reviews (on of Brianna Rastello's Children's book "The Adventures of Sam Spike: The Case of the Missing Man," which she wrote in the third grade.

"An imaginative story with great illustrations."

"... a wonderful story filled with all the elements of a mystery novel."

"There should be more books by kids for kids! My daughter loved the book and it has inspired her to try and write stories herself. You can't ask for more than that!"

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