Sam Spike for President?

Note: The Adventures of Sam Spike is a children's story written by "The Karate Kids" who were eight years old and living in New Hampshire at the time they wrote and illustrated the book. They are now in College and have recently seen their work published and available for sale at Please consider purchasing this book for your children's entertainment and education. Your purchase will also help these fine young women with their ongoing college expenses. The Karate Kids are Brianna Rastello, Victoria Primeaux and Stephanie Sammon.
Sam and MarieBrain

Marie: “I agree that the humans have messed up this country and the economy.”

Sam: “Too many politicians who get elected are either on the far left or far right; but the majority of intelligent and aware American voters are independent moderates. Their views and opinions lean more towards the sensible middle of the ideological political spectrum.

Brain: “Like me?”

Sam: “Yes, like you! And me.”

Marie: “Many Democrats and Republicans don’t even agree with the extremes that their party leaders often advocate. There seems to be room for a new coalition that could be formed in either party or as a third party. Why Sam, I think that YOU should run for President! You’re almost as smart as Brain; you’re very good at helping people solve problems, you're caring and everyone likes you!”

Brain: “Yes, Sam YOU should! And I could be the Brains, er The Brain behind the campaign!”

Sam: “Oh, I don’t know – an animal has never been President before.”

Brain: “But people Love animals! I could never get elected, ‘cause some people still think I’m a monster! But YOU Sam, you’ve got a chance!

Marie: “Yes! People Love animals, especially dogs! Since the humans haven’t fixed things, it’s time we gave the top job to the Top Dog!”

Sam: “Well, Ok, I’ll think about it.”

Brain: “Good! While you’re thinking, I’ll start the process now and set up an exploratory committee! There’s no time to waste!”


The "Brain" behind The Adventures of Sam Spike

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